Sunday April 7, 2019

Ontario's Largest Video Game & Geek Culture Trade Show

12PM -  4PM

‚ÄčStart Time: 11AM

Join us for the very first Magic: The Gathering Cube Draft at the Barrie Game Exchange. Cube is a curated Magic: The Gathering set containing some of the best cards from the history of Magic for the purpose of drafting. Youtuber, Milo: The Gathering will be hosting this open event with full gameplay coverage for youtube. Sling some spells and win some booster packs in what many call the best Magic: The Gathering format in existence. 

Register:  Please contact Myles at

If you would like to draft the Cube ahead of time you can do so by going to for simulations. 

Structure: Cube Draft, 3 Rounds (50min Rounds)

If you would like to see an example of what this event is like, please check out the Grand Prix Cube here

Entry: $10, includes entry into the Barrie Game Exchange (Max: 10 Players)


Prize: 1 Booster Pack of Magic: The Gathering per win.